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Design Thinking tools

The dSchool – Stanford’s school of design – put together a wonderful set of tools to support the Design Thinking process.  It was created to support their “boot camp” program.  You can get it here.

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Innovation Matrix

One of the best exercises you can do to begin boosting innovation at your company is to define your own innovation matrix. Here’s a starter matrix you can work from. It’s a generic set of innovation categories that you can tailor to your industry. A half-day workshop will not only result in a powerful direction-setting tool, but will also begin a set of important conversations about where you want to take your company.

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Favorite Innovation Books

The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen. The basic idea of the book is that new technologies can disrupt existing businesses in destructive ways because their capabilities improve much more rapidly than customers’ needs increase. For example, Kodak was a leader in digital photography, but lost out to Canon and others, because they were caught in the same pattern that other disrupted businesses have seen. The pattern is: The new technology appears, but is initially cheaper and lower quality than the dominant technology. At first, the technology only draws away the low end of the market, which is usually the least profitable end of the market. The technology improves rapidly – much more rapidly than customers’ needs change. As the technology improves, the companies offering it take a larger and larger share of the market. The incumbents retreat to the higher, most profitable segments of the market. As the technology continues read more

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    David Robertson is a Professor of Practice at the Wharton School where he teaches Innovation and Product Development in Wharton’s undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs. From 2002 through 2010, Robertson was the LEGO Professor of Innovation and Technology Management at Switzerland’s Institute for Management Development (IMD), which received the #1 worldwide ranking by the Financial Times for its executive education programs. Robertson is the author of Brick by Brick: How LEGO Reinvented its Innovation System and Conquered the Toy Industry, and co-author of Enterprise Architecture as Strategy.
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    innovation navigationIn his latest quest to understand innovation, David is also host of Innovation Navigation, a Wharton Business School Business radio program offering live, unscripted access to world-renowned thought leaders, executives, and faculty. As a Professor of Practice at the Wharton School, Robertson brings brilliant minds worldwide to share their innovation knowledge and experience to the... read more

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    "David’s keynote presentation at the PDMA AnnualGlobal Conference was truly a high point of the event.He literally woke everyone up to re-imagine how to apply the innovation dicta that we have heard before. Not only was his insight and content rich, he entertained the audience with one of the best-received presentations of the conference."

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