Innovation Management – The LEGO Story

Managers are bombarded with dozens of theories for how to manage innovation. These theories all promise growth and profits, but the actual results are less positive. Using the case study of LEGO, this session will explore how to manage innovation across a company. In 2003, LEGO almost went bankrupt. LEGO’s managers had followed the advice of experts – “head for blue ocean”, “practice disruptive innovation”, “open innovation”, “develop the full spectrum of innovation” – and that advice almost led them to ruin. In one of the most successful turnarounds in modern business history, LEGO restructured its innovation management system and saved the company. Today, LEGO is the most profitable and fastest growing company in the toy industry, growing sales at 24% and profits at 40% per year every year for the past five years. The goal of this session is tell the LEGO story and the lessons to be learned about how to lead and govern innovation across a large company.

Innovation Workshops

Robertson is available for a broad range of possible workshops, from a short 60 minute creativity exercise to an engaging and active 2-day innovation workshop. Whatever combination of topics and modules you choose, the time spent will be energizing, challenging, enlightening, and fun.

Enterprise Architecture – What to tell the management team

Robertson is available for speeches or workshops on Enterprise Architecture. His one hour speech “What to Tell the Management Team” is designed for business management audiences, and will help them understand the importance of enterprise architecture and show them how they can work with their IT counterparts to manage it.  His workshop goes deeper into the topic, facilitating a management discussion on exactly where a company’s enterprise architecture is hindering its strategic execution and what actions could be taken to address this.

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