Reviews & Testimonials

Recent testimonials about workshops that David has run:

David, thank you very much for an inspiring workshop. The practical example of how LEGO has turned around their business by taking a new innovative approach in the product development as well as the business model has been an eye-opener for our organization. Your presentation has motivated our organization to make innovation management an important part of our business strategy.
– Manfred Schaffer, CEO, Sandvik Mining and Construction

Through his experience with LEGO and other companies, Professor Robertson delivered an engaging, creative and interactive session with my team and colleagues. The result…our own reflection and introspection on the barriers and catalysts that hinder and nurture innovative spirit, skills and the ambition to create value.
– James Mortensen, CEO, Philip Morris International

Reviews of keynote speeches David has given at companies:

At Grundfos, David Robertson gave an inspiring and eye opening presentation of the many possibilities offered by open source innovation. Approaching the innovation process as something which can be shared with the outside world potentially adding millions of new ideas to our own is very new to us and has certainly been an inspiration to our organization.
– Marjanne Grønhøj, HR Manager, Grundfos

People at the event enjoyed your speech very much. It was dynamic, interesting, thought-provoking and very much appreciated. The audience still talks about it.
– Rebecca Haug, Microsoft CIO Community Event Organizer

David’s keynote presentation at the PDMA Annual Global Conference challenged the audience to think harder about their innovation efforts.  He literally woke everyone up to re-imagine how to apply the innovation dicta that we have heard before.  Not only was his insight and content rich, he entertained the audience with one of the best-received presentations of the conference.  He was truly a high point of the event.
– Brad Barbera, Executive Director, PDMA – The Product Development and Management Association

“When we invited David to speak to our PDMA membership about product innovation, we knew his LEGO case study would be spot on. But David exceeded all expectations. He presented his deeply researched LEGO study in a way that was enlightening yet entertaining, informative yet fun. The LEGO talk, presented as only David could, engaged every member of our near-100 audience of corporate managers, academics, and consultants working in all sectors of the product and service innovation community. We all left inspired and equipped with insights to apply to our daily work. A superb talk very well delivered!”
– Joshua Louis Cohen, Esq., President, Greater Philadelphia Chapter – PDMA – The Product Development and Management Association