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The Lego Story Comic Part 1
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The Lego Story Comic Part 1
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You can download a copy of the comic book from here and pre-order a copy of the book from here.

  • pixelbrickdesigner

    I was there for the whole ride – i have to say though, that some of the initiatives that was labelled as mistakes, turned out to be the foundation for future successes. I think thats an important lesson!

    • robertsoninnovation

      Good point. In reflection I’m a little tough in the book on the Poul Plougmann era. Many of the things that the company did during 1999-2003 created a foundation that helped the company later. The ERP implementation, the restructuring of the different legal and financial entities, and some of the cost-cutting of the late 1990s were all necessary steps. And the Bionicles initiative, which was the single unambiguous success of that era, provided not just the cash to fund the company during the 2003-2004 crisis, but also a roadmap for the new development process that the whole company has since adopted.

  • raoul c

    My opinion is that a comics with this embedded message is a way to foster a global brainstorming. A company which may afford to throw a message in a bottle like this, is really great. Compliments for your work.

  • Jackie S.K. Lim

    I have finished reading the book Brick by Brick. It’s an excellent book to learn how to turn innovative disaster into a real success. I have picked up some important facts and skills to turn my business around. Thank you.

  • Jose

    Hey David! Thank you very much for your book, it has been very helpful to resource the Extended Essay I’m writing down for my International Baccalaureate (IB). I would like to point out something as I am researching as well on the Lego Company. The mission of turning into the strongest family among families with children was posted on the annual report of 1999, not 2000

    • robertsoninnovation

      Thanks for the comment Jose. But the 1999 annual report with the new mission statement was published in early 2000. That’s why the date of the quote is early 2000.

  • Andrew

    Hi David. Thanks very much for your book, which I’m reading just now. In Chapter 6, you state that the Bionicle team launched 8 complementary innovations, but the sections following seem only to list 7. Are two innovations included in one section, or are the sections following the statement intended to group the innovations rather than list them?

  • Radha

    I just finished reading Brick by Brick – a fantastic account of a company coming back to grips with its core. Very well written! Thanks