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    • The LEGO Movie as an example of creative leadership

      Tim Brown recently posted his thoughts on how The LEGO Movie is an example of creative leadership.  I agree, but not only for the reasons that he lays out in his post. The LEGO Movie is the result of a long, painful but very successful restructuring of the company, one that began during the company’s crisis in 2003.  Convinced that the brick was passé and would soon be replaced by video games and other digital play experiences, LEGO experimented with all kinds of out-of-the-box play experiences between 1999 and 2002. The result was a crisis and near bankruptcy in 2003. To recover, LEGO went back to the brick, but also went back to their customers to understand how they used the company’s products. With the help of outside consulting firms such as ReD Associates, LEGO applied many of the disciplines of Design Thinking to understand who played with their products and how they Read more »

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  • Rebuilding LEGO

  • Brick by Brick

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    "A fascinating book. The story of how Lego came perilously close to disaster but then transformed itself into one of the most successful and innovative companies in the world serves both as an inspiration and an object lesson."
    -Chris Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired and author of Makers and The Long Tail
  • The LEGO Story

David’s keynote presentation at the PDMA Annual Global Conference was truly a high point of the event.  He literally woke everyone up to re-imagine how to apply the innovation dicta that we have heard before.  Not only was his insight and content rich, he entertained the audience with one of the best-received presentations of the conference. BRAD BARBERA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
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